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How does commissioned artwork work?

All you have to do is send me an email and explain what you want done! Email me here. There are a limited number of spaces available, but you can see how many are available above and on the home page. Spaces re-open monthly. To make a more personalized and accurate commissioned piece, send me as many reference photos as possible. To see what pictures to send me, see 'What pictures should I send to the artist?' below. I will post progress pictures on my Instagram and Facebook. Notice: Copyright for all commissioned work is owned by the artist. This means I will list prints and the original (unless purchased by you) for sale to the general public. If you would like to own the copyright, meaning the artist can NOT sell copies to the general public, you may purchase the copyright. See pricing in 'How much does a commissioned piece cost?' below.

What can I commission you to make?

Currently, I am taking commissions for personalized 11x14 (or 14x11) watercolors. These would be in the same style as my other watercolor & pen pieces. Feel free to commission any pet or animal you'd like! To make it even more personalized, you can ask me to add things to the painting, such as a hat on your dog or drum sticks held by your bird. Scroll below for reference and fun ideas!

How much does a commissioned piece cost?

Currently, commissions start at $125. From this option, you get a brand new piece of artwork featuring a single animal subject, and the 11x14 physical original painting. Extra prints and other options can be purchased for the following prices: (Discounts Available Below!) -11x14 Original (Default)........................................$125.00 (+shipping) -11x14 Original (Framed).......................................$175.00 -11x14 Extra Print.................................................$20.00 -11x14 Extra Print (Framed)...................................$50.00 -Each Additional Animal Subject............................$50.00 -Copyright.............................................................$200.00 Copyright: This means I will not sell any prints to anyone else, you will be the sole owner of the artwork from that point forward. If what you want is over your price limit, no worries! Let me know what works for you. Notice: Due to the variable nature of commissions, pricing is subject to change. However, the following is a good guide for most commissioned pieces. If yours would cost more, I will let you know in advance. Discount: If you have an Instagram or Facebook account, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on the Original & the Original Framed! All you have to do is: -Follow @autumnjonesart -Post a picture of the finished artwork (with your pet if possible :) -Credit and tag me in the comments -Include a link to my website If you have any more questions, feel free to email me.

Have another question?

Ask me anything! Email me about any further questions you might have.

What pictures should I send to the artist?

Reference pictures are the most important part of artwork. Here are some guidelines so you can get the best commissioned piece possible: General Info -POSE: Either give me a pose to draw, or leave it up to whatever I think is best! It might be difficult to take a photo of your pet in the pose you'd like, so feel free to send me images from the internet, or send me an image of one of my past pieces, that show the pose. - NOTE: Specialized poses are only available for birds. For dogs, cats, and other animals, I will only paint a pose that you have a picture of. -SIZE: All commissions are 11x14 (or 14x11). The pose determines whether the painting will be portrait or landscape. -COLOR/STYLE: Due to my watercolor style, I may brighten and exaggerate colors to make the image pop more. Take a look at my past commissions to see how your pet might look in this style. -SPECIES/BREED: Let me know what species/breed your pet is. -OTHER: Let me know if there are any distinguishing marks on your pet that are important to you that you'd like for me to specifically include and/or exaggerate. For Any Non-Winged Animal I need at least one picture of your pet in the pose you would like me to paint. In other words, send me a picture of your pet and I will paint that specific pose that they are in. However, it will be stylized (as mentioned above): I may brighten colors or exaggerate features; I will give it an 'Autumn Jones' look. :) Sending me additional pictures from any and all angles and lighting helps too, but I will mostly go off of that one picture that you specify. For Birds If you do not want a specialized, flying pose, see above 'For Any Non-Winged Animal' If you do want a specialized, flying pose, I will need a picture of the: -Side View (both left and right side) -Front view -Back view -Tail feathers -Wings (preferably open - if this isn't possible, just be prepared to answer a lot of clarifying questions. You can also send me images from the internet that show your bird's wings as well)

When will my commission be finished?

The date your commission is finished is determined by when you commissioned me. Once you commission me, I will let you know the estimated date of completion. If the date is too late for you, you can ask about paying for a priority commission. Depending on the complexity of your commission, this may or may not be possible. Generally, the time frame is anywhere between 4-6 weeks.


Check out some of my previous commissions and pet portraits I've done! 

If you are looking for ideas of what to commission me or how to personalize your painting, these are great examples to look at. If you commission me for a pet portrait, it will look something along the lines of these paintings!

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Don't have a pet to get painted? That's okay!


You don't have to commission me to paint your pet, you can have me paint any animal you'd like. I've even done Pokémon!


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